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Judaica Candles
Shabbat Candles
The Shabbat Candles are 5" tall with a tapered top, and 1/2" in diameter. Each candle burns about 2 hours. The boxes of Shabbat Candles are available in 9 different color selections.

Bulk Shabbat Candles
Custom your order by purchasing Shabbat candles in bulk. Candles are available in 17 colors.

Chanukah Candles
Our Chanukah Candles are rolled by hand using 100% pure beeswax and square braided cotton wick. Each box contains 45 candles. The 4" candles burn for about 40 minutes. The bottom of the candle can be gently squeezed to fit most menorahs. Multi Color shown in photo.

Star of David Pillar
These 3"x3" pillars are decorated with genuine Swarovski crystals.

Pair of Crystal Star of David Tapers
Our crystal Star of David candles were introduced at the California Gift Show in 2002 with tremendous results. Each Swarovski Crystal is placed by hand on the 10" tapers.